Friday, February 11, 2011

Annotated Bibliographies and Evaluations

1. Night By Elie Wisel
Summary: This book conveys the life Elie Wisel and his life in concentrations camps. The book conveys his experiences of when he first was taken to the concentration camps and how he and his father were separated from his mother and sister. Elie also describes how he takes care of his father throughout all the harsh treatment and heavy work hours giving by the Nazis. Not only that but at the end Elie survives but without his father being that his father was a burden on him. Sadly he always questions the existence of God throughout his experiences in the concentration camps.
Evalutaion: While reading this novel, the reader may be affected by the intense actions the author describes. These descriptions makes the readers think about how badly the Jewish people were dehumanized and deprived of their rights to live. In additions the reader may also feel moved about the notion of the Holocaust by Elie's description of the weather, the people, the smell of burning human flesh, and even how people were used for experiments.

2. The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini
Summary: This book tells the life of an Afghan boy named Amir who grows up his entire life with his half brother Hassan without even knowing it. Amir is said to be Baba's son and Hassan is placed as Ali's son in the book and not only that but Amir and Baba belong to a social class named Shai while Hassan and Ali belong to a low social class called Hazzar. Amir and Hassan grow up together under the same roof and Amir treats Hassan very bad however Hassan is always loyal to Amir. Due to society, both Amir and Hassan are separated and each go there own way. Later in life, when Amir goes back to Afghanistan he finds out that Hassan was also Baba's son and therefore Amir feels shame and guilt for not treating Hassan better and for not doing anything to save Hassan when he was getting raped by Assef. At the end Amir redeems himself by getting Hassan's son and taking care of him from the Taliban.
Evalutation: The reader will find this book a very interesting read because the reader will always want to know what happens next in the book. The author makes the reader realize how society intertwines with everyone's life and how being part of a social class may act as an imaginary boundary to others and even family. The reader will be affected by the harsh way Hassan was raped and will even feel sorry and may even believe that sometimes a person cannot be loyal to someone who doesn't deserve it. The thought of being good once again may influence the reader to find ways in his or her life to not feel guilty anymore for something they did or did not do.

3. Incidents In the Life of a Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs
Summary: This book is the story of a slave girl named Linda who at six years old is placed to be a slave in a white family. Throughout the book, Linda is mistreated by her owner Dr.Flint who is deeply obsessed with Linda and he becomes very possessive with her. Linda always denies her owner when he wants her for himself and he mistreats her even more when he finds out the she is in love with another white man that is not him. She then escapes and even risks her life by staying seven years in an attic. At the end she escapes to work with another family who at the end help her out to her complete freedom and with her kids.
Evaluation: While reading this book the reader will be surprised at how Dr.Flint wants to own Linda and have her to himself and at the same time he doesn't want her to leave but he still treats her bad and tell her horrible things in her ear. The reader will connect the book to the experiences colored people had when they were once slaves. The reader will be challenge by Linda's decisions to escape because of her own kids due to the fact that her kids were half white. In addition the reader will be impacted by Linda's courage and self power being that she is a woman and in her time period woman had no right to do or say anything.

4. Lord of the Flies By William Golding
Summary: This book is set in World War II and it is about a group of boys who's plane is shot down onto a stranded island. These boys try to survive until someone comes to take them home however they have no clue of where they are. As a way to survive they try to be organize and they choose a group leader to tell each one what to do and how to survive. While the boys hunt and continue to hunt they are blinded by how they are becoming savages and how evil some of them now are. There actions soon lead to the death of Piggy.
Evaluation: Throughout the reading of this book the reader will realize the connection between the book and the real world. The reader will realize and think about the notion of people being evil and that at some point the evil in each human being takes over the morals and the good beliefs. Not only that, but the reader will be challenged by the notion that in society there are many situation where human beings act like savages and forget about others needs and emotions which leads to an enormous amount of chaos.

5. Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury
Summary: This book describes the life of a fireman man named Montag who has a living as a fireman. However fireman refers to the a person who finds books and burns them to ashes. In the story people are not allowed to reads books or any types of literature because the government wants it that way and they don't want the people to be influenced by the books. However, Montag then becomes interested in the contents of books and what they have within when he meets a seventeen year old girl. Since Montag becomes curious his boss makes a visit to his house and tells him that it is normal for Montag to be curious however he will get into a lot of problems if he reads the books. Towards the end of the book, Montag hides books in his house against his wife's will however everyone becomes aware of this and go out searching for Montag to punish him. Fortunately he manages to escapes.
Evaluation: While reading this novel the reader may be confused by the story of burning down books because of the governments control over the people. However, the reader will be interested to know how people may live just being independent and having conversations with each other. In addition the reader will imagine how it would be to live in a world where something such as books will be completely censored. It would even disturb the reader because books are a big source of information when it comes to history and the world. Then again, the reader will see how ignorant people are without knowledge. At the end the reader might even be grateful for whatever knowledge the have among themselves.

6. The Things They Carried By Tim O'Brien
Summary: This book is about the Vietnam War and the author's life as a soldier in that war. The books describes what each soldier brings with them once they are chosen to go to Vietnam to fight against the Viet Cong. This book is made up of many stories about the soldiers experiences throughout the war. But overall the author Tim describe how war affects the soldiers mentally, physically and even socially. Some of the soldiers go crazy and some even take pills and drugs to calm themselves down. Additionally, the author Tim conveys how he felt when he killed a man and how that guy could have been similar to him or even his friend but later on in the story he states that it wasn't him that killed the man, it was him in a war zone who killed the man; him as a soldier. Furthermore, death plays a big roll through these stories being that war become ironic in itself.
Evaluation: The reader here is exposed to how war becomes ironic in the soldiers lives. The reader may be challenged by the thought of the soldiers becoming and transforming into other people and other personalities. Not only that but the reader is also forced to think whether war stories are entirely true or entirely false or if its both true and false. Furthermore, the reader will realize that the things that are not tangible weigh more than the actual tangible items.

7. To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee
Summary: This book is about two kids named Scout and Jem who live in Maycomb which is a white racist community. Atticus is a lawyer in Maycomb who decides to defend a black man named Tom Robinson in a case where he is accused of raping a white girl. At the trial the kids sit in the colored sections to watch the trial. In the trial the kids see Atticus and how he states that Mayella and her father Bod are lying. At the end of the trial it is proved that Bob was the one who had a sexual relationship with her own daughter Mayella and that is has been happening more than one time. Due to this Tom Robinson was declared innocent and Bob tries attack the kids in revenge but he fails to do so.
Evaluation: While reading this book, the reader will question the truth value of Bob's words and the reader will even be shocked when he or she finds out that it is Mayella's own father who rapes her and not for the first time either. The reader will be challenge with the notion of Jim Crow Laws and segregation among a community.

8. Animal Farm By George Orwell
Summary: This book display how animals become like humans in society. In the book the animals each have a job and they are even taught how to read or write. Through the book both Napoleon and Snowball fight and argue among who should have the power over the entire farm and animals. Most of the animals are convinced that Napoleon is a great leader even when he drinks a lot of whiskey. Further along the pigs start walking on two feet and start walking like humans too.
Evaluation: This book may impress the reader because animals are used to show how society is really is when people fight over power and when everyone is suppose to be equal but then say that others are more equal than others. The reader will also realize that the book conveys how power can be manipulative over an entire community.

9. Fences By August Wilson
Summary: This play is about a black family and their issues. The main character Troy cheats on his loyal and compassionate wife Rose with a girl named Alberta. It is clear that Troy cheats on Rose because Alberta gives birth to a baby girl to which Troy is father of. Rose's only wants to keep the entire family safe, united and together and that is why she tells Troy to finish building the fence around the house. Even when Troy's daughter with Alberta is born, Rose takes in Raynell as her own daughter however she treats Troy indifferent for his infidelity to her. At the end Troy dies of a heart attack and Rose still tries to keep everyone together and tries to enforce teachings to her son Cory and her step daughter Rose.
Evaluation: The reader will see how a family is put a risk when they are not united. The reader will also think about the notion of child and parent relationship being that Cory wanted to be something that Troy didn't think was for him. However, the reader will also see that people's mistakes and lies will not only affect the family but oneself as well just like it did to Troy.

10. The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Summary: This book is about a guy named Nick who moves to West Egg and he meets with Tom who was a classmate of Nick when they were at Yale. He meets Tom's wife, Daisy and their friend Jordan. Nick falls in love with Jordan when he spends time with her at a party to which Nick got invited by Gatsby. Once Gatsby and Nick get to know each other, Gatsby tells Nick to try and arrange a way for him and Daisy to reconnect being that Gatsby always loved Daisy. Being that Daisy also loves Gatsby they reconnect very well and Daisy realize how ignorant Tom is. Unfortunately, Gatsby dies in a car crash.
Evaluation: In this book the reader will realize the American Dream and how it could be destroyed by wealth and lies. The reader will examine how lies between each other makes everyone go their separate ways or even lead them to never forget an old love they once had. The reader may be astonished to how an outside person such as Nick is introduced to figure out the reality of such an infamous man such as Gatsby. In overall, the book will make the reader think of their perspective of the American Dream and how it could be destroyed.